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…boxing purists…let’s not be silly.

By: Jose E. Santiago

On Saturday night former boxing world champ Holly Holm set the combat sports world into a frenzy by convincingly defeating what seemed to be the unbeatable Ronda Rousey.  From casual fans to hardcore fans, from newbies to the combat sports aficionados, the opinions of Holm’s success is rampant.  Social media along with respected publication outlets have flooded the “interwebs” with stories and opinions of how this could have occurred and have unleashed an onslaught of demise directed at Rousey.

It has become apparent that most boxing purists are crediting  boxing as being the culprit of Holm’s success.  For the most part they are right. Holm’s used her boxing mobility, angles, and accuracy to nullify an aggressive wide punching attack from Rousey.  But boxing purists, let’s not be silly.  Boxing does not beat MMA.  Boxing is one aspect of MMA that if used against a one dimensional ground fighter can be very effective as Holm’s proved on Saturday night.  But, to say that it will dominate an MMA fighter is simply foolish.  If a boxer attempted to “out Judo” Rousey they would lose.  If a boxer tried to “out-wrestle” Randy Couture they would lose.  If a boxer tried to “out-BJJ” Royce Gracie they would lose.  If a boxer would try to “out-muay thai” Donald Cerrone they would lose.  Rousey tried to “out-box” Holm and lost.

This in case is where Rousey and her camp made a colossal mistake and was the cause of her losing her title and evidently made her look foolish. The beauty of MMA is that it forces it’s athletes to be well rounded in all aspects of combat.  If you’re an expert at one, it may not be enough to make you a champion and you will be exposed if you only rely on that one aspect.  If your opponent however allows you to utilize your area of expertise then take advantage and exploit it.  Then, and only then, will one aspect of your MMA arsenal  allow you to win a championship.  But be aware that what Rousey and her camp allowed to happen is a humbling scenario that will probably never occur again.  Boxing does not beat MMA, but if you got it and your opponent foolishly let’s you only use that to beat them…use it and win….Holly did.


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