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…boxing purists…let’s not be silly.

By: Jose E. Santiago On Saturday night former boxing world champ Holly Holm set the combat sports world into a frenzy by convincingly defeating what seemed to be the unbeatable Ronda Rousey.  From casual fans to hardcore fans, from newbies to the combat sports aficionados, the opinions of Holm’s success is rampant.  Social media along with respected publication outlets have flooded the “interwebs” with stories and opinions of how this could have occurred and have unleashed an onslaught of demise directed [...]

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Barrett vs. Orr

Kimberly Sargent is on location at the ROC to report on the heavyweight match-up featuring Scott Barrett vs John Orr

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Mike Seals at Route 30 Promotions

Kimberly Sargent takes a few minutes to chat it up with world ranked Mike “Cannonhandz” Seals

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Route 30 Promotions Codrington vs Walker

Kimberly Sargent is at the Mansion Elan in Georgia to take in the action at Sunday Night Fights promoted by Route 30 Promotions

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Main Event BFN Annihilation!

Shane Crenshaw takes on George Hickman in the main event at Bangkok Fight Night Annihilation!

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BFN Annihilation – Brooks vs Carthon

Bangkok Fight Night Annihilation co-main event Shane Brooks vs Dexter “Bolo” Carthon

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